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About Me; RP Preferences~


»Feel free to call me, Fay.
»I'm definitely of age.
»I'm a West Coaster; so my timezone is GMT -8:00
»Been LJ RPing for about 5 years now.
»I keep weird hours because of my job.
»I tend to work 40-50 hours a week.
»I can be amazingly slow with tags when RL gets super busy. Please don't hate me.

General RP Preferences
»I tend to prefer a good mix of lighthearted and dark themes. Most often, when I post open threads it leans toward the lighter side. Unless I specifically post something dark; assume that darker themes such as non-con, dub-con and so forth should be discussed with me first.

»Smut is good, but CR leading to the smut is better. Storylines and on-going CR with smut mixed in is even better.

»Usually dirty words in prose descriptions are fine with me, but I'm not cool with my characters being called "bitch in heat", "total slut" or anything along those lines. That just ruins my mood. I won't even continue a thread if things like that pop up.

»Likewise mentioning another version of the character I am playing, while we are in the middle of a smut thread also ruins my mood. Not to say that you can't bring up other versions, but timing is key. Before the sex is taking place is fine, while the sex is going on is not. Just compare it to being in bed with your lover and them suddenly shouting out someone else's name. That's quite the mood killer and that's how I feel about this situation.

»Which brings me to asshole characters. Now I got nothing against muns who play assholes and I know the difference between IC and OOC. That being said, if you're looking for smut threads with any of my characters, don't toss your asshole characters at mine. Because more often than not, they won't be interested in having sex with an asshole. That's IC for the majority of them. This is not a blanket ban of all asshole characters, just ones that blatantly insult everyone and think they are better than everyone else. If they are the kind that can play the nice guy in order to seduce or cajole then please feel free to tag me with them. Likewise if they happen to be an asshole canonmate that my character has a history with that is fine too. When in doubt, just PM me and ask first. It will save on dropped threads and hurt feelings, if you do.

»Action brackets, prose, it makes little difference to me. I go for substance over style any day. That being said, tossing a bunch of one-liners at me is not cool. I realize once in a while a person might get stuck and can only come up with a sentence here or there. But if it becomes a habit then don't expect me to keep threading with you. All I am asking is you give me something to work with. I don't need epic ballads of purple prose to be satisfied. Just a couple of paragraphs, describing what they are doing, how they are reacting and some introspection here and there and I am a happy camper. Addendum: One-liners for the very first response in a thread are unacceptable. I need something to work with in order to set a tone for the rest of the thread. I'm a little more lenient on this, if our characters have previous CR. But if it is a character mine has never met, then I will ignore those particular one-liners.

»Belatedly I figure that I should add, that I am a very private person. I don't really like communicating through any other avenue other than Dreamwidth. Sorry I just don't feel comfortable enough to use Instant Messengers, Email or Plurk. I strictly use DW PMs and my contact post. Also I only RP on Dreamwidth now that Livejournal has become almost inaccessible to me. Sorry I still won't be using forums or GDocs.

»Apparently this appears to need its own point. My tagging speed varies from day to day and there are days I do no tags at all. How quickly or how slowly a thread moves is mostly based on how motivated I am with a particular character on any given day. Just because I churn tags out quickly with one character, doesn't mean I can churn them out at that same pace with a different character on the same day. I wish I had one of those memories where I could just call on any character and be ready to go at any given moment. Unfortunately my mind doesn't work that way. Thus I end up focusing on the character that is more prevalent in my mind at the time.

»Which brings me to contacting me over threads that are caught in limbo. Basically if I drop a meme tag, it is pretty much dropped. I just don't have the inclination to go back to them, especially if recapcha has kicked in. As for threads in the main community please PM me or leave a message in my contact post, if you must poke me about previous or on-going threads. I prefer these matters stay private and are not discussed on public forums that are meant for something else. If I begin to feel like I am being badgered over threads that are taking place in a dressing room or a musebox, then that means I'll be taking my leave from said threads. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I've got to look out for myself.

»Since this does seem to be popping up more and more. I do not have any problems whatsoever with PBs, OCs or Live action fandoms. In fact I intend to play from some live action fandoms eventually. I very much enjoy cross medium interactions myself. I do however have a problem with celebrities, wrestlers and actual real life people. If they aren't an actual fictional character in some way I prefer not to be tagged by them. That means no Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, no Vin Diesel and no Beatles as their actual selves. Now if you're using any of those guys as PBs for OCs or playing characters from movies they were in than that's perfectly fine. When in doubt just PM me.

My Character Listing is here.

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