fighterfetish: (24 - Black mask & red lips)
fighterfetish ([personal profile] fighterfetish) wrote2020-12-19 05:13 am

Plotting/Contact Post~

So you got a plot that you'd like one of the characters I play to be involved in? Or you're just interested in setting up threads in the love hotel, lovespheres, omnispheres or personal museboxes? This is a place to discuss it. I get busy with RL some times and on occasion I may not get DW's PMs. So if you reply to this post I'm more likely to get your messages.

I make no guarantees that I will say yes to everything that is offered to me, but I can promise to hear your ideas out at least. But if the idea sounds like it will be fun all around then I'm more likely to agree to it. Again keep in mind that I tag slowly. Some days I can tag like lightning but that's not always going to be the pace I work at. Since it's free style time shouldn't be too big of a deal right?